Boost performance.
Improve sustainability.

VensoFlow is a compact, adaptive platform technology for heat and mass transfer, and catalytic reactions. We can help your engineering team design superior processes that improve quality and output, while reducing the energy needed to achieve it.
vensoflow™ technology

A simple way to streamline operations.

Almost every industrial process uses contactors and reactors for heat and mass transfer and catalytic reactions. Many use rotary drums and fluidisation – a slow, energy intensive process first used in industry in 1922 and still used around the world today.

Our patented continuous cross-flow technology is a highly-efficient alternative compact contactor that enables solids or liquid droplets to rapidly, uniformly and effectively interact with a gas stream. VensoFlow™ can process particles in order of magnitude faster than traditional methods. VensoFlow™ is proven to be significantly more even processing than conventional technology such as fluidised beds and rotary drums.

One flexible process.
One smart system.

The VensoFlow™ process is a patented technology suitable for a wide range of applications. We license this technology and work with license holders to help them design, build and market revolutionary machinery capable of delivering its benefits.

Machinery will be managed online using the VF OPX-S operating system – a process logic control platform API that constantly monitors and optimises performance based on AI learning, OPX will integrate with blockchain technology for maximum transparency and accountability. Seamlessly updating the ledger to support supply chain and consumer validation of process quality, it will enable value-adds (like carbon neutral products to measure immediate efficiency) while tracking longer term commitments.
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The VensoFlow™ process

A wide range of benefits and applications.

VensoFlow™ technology not only helps businesses improve the quality and efficiency of many processes, it enables the development of groundbreaking new ones, unlocking innovation and driving growth.
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Why VensoFlow™

Many industrial processes use fluidisation. It’s energy intensive, and can be inefficient, with a high pressure drop from "lifting" particles.

VensoFlow™ replaces slower fluidised beds with a rapid yet gentler, continuous flow system. With precision-controlled delivery, gravity causes solid or liquid particles to fall in an orderly curtain into a cross-flow gas stream. The result is minimal pressure drop and mechanical stress, with the maximum possible surface area available for interaction or reaction with the gas stream.

VensoFlow™ technology can be used for both solid and liquid interactions with gas streams. It provides a new, compact and more efficient solution for a very wide range of industrial processes.

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VensoFlow™ innovation

  • Makes smart use of gravity
  • Enables every particle to interact uniformly with the gas stream, being completely surrounded by gas
  • Optimises contact, reduces mechanical stress
  • Saves energy, cost and time
  • Enables new high capacity, high quality processes across industries
Venso Flow Technology Diagram

Problems of conventional particle coating systems

Rotary Drum Dryers

  • Prolonged drying time, uneven exposure
  • Mechanical and heat stress to particles and coatings
  • Excessive energy consumption 'lifting' particles
  • Agglomeration of coated particles
  • Excessive wastage as a result
Rotary Drum Technology Diagram

Fluidised Bed Dryers

  • Prolonged drying time, uneven exposure
  • Mechanical and heat stress to particles and coatings
  • Excessive energy consumption 'lifting' particles
  • Agglomeration of coated particles
  • Excessive wastage as a result
Fluidised beds technology diagram
Better for business and the planet
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Interested in boosting performance and improving sustainability?

Discover how we can help you work towards UN sustainability goals and access new markets.
“Venso Flow technology is a new concept that will disrupt the market across multiple applications and sectors.”
Emeritus Professor Owen Potter
“An advantage of this design is that every particle in the processing region interacts with the gas.”
Emeritus Professor Owen Potter