Revolutionising industrial processes for stronger futures.

All over the world, our patented technology helps industry partners reimagine operations to drive efficiency, improve sustainability and unlock new markets.

our vision

A win for business. 
A win for the planet.

We accelerate growth. Our patented industrial processes enable industries to do things they’ve never done before. By developing and licensing next generation processor designs, and the intelligent software needed to manage, regulate and optimise their use, we help partners maximise efficiency, reduce emissions, access new markets and grow.
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Commercial Applications

We help you unlock potential.

We partner with businesses from a wide range of industries. By licensing our technology, we enable the design of groundbreaking new processes that help solve previously unsolvable problems.

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  • Agriculture – VensoFlow™ for Seeds
  • Energy & Minerals*
  • Pharmaceutical*
  • Wellbeing*
  • Manufacturing*
  • Functional Foods*
*Future applications
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The difference we make

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Greater efficiency
Up to 90% heat transfer effectiveness with minimal pressure drop. Unlike fluidised beds and rotary drums which use energy lifting particles, VensoFlow is gravity fed.
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Thanks to continuous flow with order of magnitude reductions in processing times.
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Gentle and high quality
Other technologies produce wastage from mechanical stress, hotspots and prolonged heat exposure. VensoFlow™ optimal particle separation, precise temperature and flow control maximise quality.
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Space saving
Compact, efficient and scalable multi-stage design takes up less room and grows with your needs.
Owen Potter, inventor and mastermind behind VensoFlow Technology

A legacy to believe in

VensoFlow by Owen Potter
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With a wide range of uses, VensoFlow™ is our leading industrial solution for small particles.

Patented by Professor Owen Potter, it’s a cross flow contacting technology, with test results independently verified by NATA accredited VIPAC to be more effective than fluidisation, with up to 90% heat transfer effectiveness.

Owen's vision
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A strong believer in the world needing to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels long before it became a political issue, Owen dedicated his life to exploring technology with the power to make industry more sustainable.

At Venso Labs, we continue his legacy, furthering his research and applying his patented technology through VensoFlow™, to help address some of the biggest challenges of modern industry.

Believe in better.

Because Mars is for the pessimists.

We are champions for change. We provide engineers with a brand new, smarter toolkit to solve critical agricultural and environmental challenges, intelligently and sustainably.

To increase global crop yields and reduce wastage and pollution. To heal our soil for future generations. To better feed a growing population. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our vision is aligned with United Nation's Sustainability Goals. And Owen's.

Not by re-invention, but by completely re-imagining particle processing such as seed coating. Energy-efficient, gentle, fast, precision-dosed, multi-layered, regenerative seed enhancement. We won't rest until we make this happen. And then, the next high impact VensoFlow™ solution. And the next.
Caecilia Potter
Co-Founder & CEO, Venso Labs
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“Our technology will contribute to global reductions in carbon footprint and increase processing efficiencies across most industries.”
Emeritus Professor Owen Potter
“Australian resources do not excuse Australians from resourcefulness.”
Emeritus Professor Owen Potter