vensoflow seeds

Add multiple precision-dosed seed coatings in a single pass.

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VensoFlow benefits for seed coating

  • 01.
    Micro-dosed multi-layer film coat in one pass
  • 02.
    Rapid, gentle process, fed by gravity
  • 03.
    Reduce wastage: minimal mechanical and heat stress
  • 04.
    Compact lab-scale units for R&D
  • 05.
    Scalable continuous flow units
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seed coAting with vensoflow

With VensoFlow technology, you can easily add up to four micro-dosed slow-release coatings to seeds in a single pass. It provides germination support where and when needed, and with no residues, supports plant, soil and pollinator health as part of an integrated natural system. Unlike fluidisation, rapid in-flight drying minimises friction, seed agglomeration and exposure to heat stress, reducing wastage and improving the vigour and viability of your seeds.

the vensoflow process for seeds
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Enhance quality and yield
Maximise quality control by layering coatings under uniform, controlled conditions. By time releasing coatings, you can support germination and improve the viability and vigour of your seeds. Targeted actives can also work to support soil regeneration for higher yields.
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Expand your offering
From crops to livestock supplements, the sequenced, micro-dosed slow-release coatings we can apply in a single pass make it easier for you to innovate, even on traditionally hard to coat small seeds.
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Access new markets
Unlock innovation in your products by harnessing VensoFlow to realise previously unavailable processes. Together with the transparency and provenance provided by our blockchain ACCU platform (under development), we’ll enable you to access new, fast growing markets.
reducing emissions

Supporting carbon neutral beef and dairy.

You can use VensoFlow technology to cost-effectively coat livestock feed supplements, helping reduce methane emissions and livestock energy requirements.

Enteric methane emissions are the single largest source of direct greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in beef and dairy value chains.Using proven formulations, our slow-release animal feed coat system reduces enteric methane, supporting carbon neutrality.

VensoFlow benefits a wide range of industries. Read about our future applications.

“An advantage of this design is that every particle in the processing region interacts with the gas.”
Emeritus Professor Owen Potter