Revolutionising seed coating for stronger futures.

VensoFlow™ is the only technology that can predict and manage the temperature of the seed and coating throughout the drying process, using our proprietary cloud based control system. Our patented VensoFlow™ process provides uniform controlled drying conditions with maximum effectiveness, no overheating and minimal mechanical stress.
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reducing emissions

Seed coatings that unlock potential

A total re-imagining of seed coating and drying, VensoFlow™  technology, unlike rotary drums and fluidised beds, provides a gentle, uniform processing environment and can precisely control and manage the temperature exposure of seed and coating as it dries. Using a combination of gravity and concentrated airflow, discrete polymer layers allow controlled micro-dosing and sequencing of plant and animal beneficial materials. VensoFlow™ is perfect for biological plant beneficial materials, which current processes denature through heat, and can be used to cost-effectively coat livestock feed supplements that are practical to deliver and can help reduce methane emissions by up to 80%.
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Reduce wastage

Seed coating wastage from overheating, clumping of semi-dried seeds and mechanical stress from the drying process can be up to 15%. VensoFlow™ solves all these problems to deliver more layered seeds for less.
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Enhance quality and yield

Maximise quality control by layering coatings under uniform, controlled conditions that eliminate chemical phytotoxicity. Time-release coatings help germination, improve the viability and chemical vigour of seeds and help support soil regeneration for higher yield.
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Support animal health

VensoFlow™ can provide functional feed supplements for livestock, layered with actives such as methane mitigants and probiotics to enhance efficacy and yields. 15% of CO2 equivalent GHG emissions are from livestock enteric methane.
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Unlock new markets

Unlock innovation in your products by harnessing VensoFlow™ to realise previously unavailable quality control and deliver a wider range of plant and animal beneficial materials for your enhanced seed products.
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The difference we can make

VensoFlow™ protects natural seed coatings such as enzymes, bacteria and fungi from overheating. From improved multi-layer seed coatings that reduce waste, increase yields, repel insects and protect the soil, to micro-dosed feed coatings for livestock health and enteric methane reduction, we help farmers and producers make the most of their resources, while supporting UN Sustainability goals.
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Why VensoFlow™ is a better seed coating solution
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No harmful residues

Staged release of discrete, micro-dosed, microplastic free coatings provides maximum plant stimulation without harmful residues.


Environments, soil biomes and long-term soil productivity.
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Superior process control

Controlled temperature and flash drying protects biological materials, reducing waste and damaged or clumped seeds.


Valuable seeds and improves germination success rates.
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Sustainable energy use

Heat transfer effectiveness of over 90% lowers energy costs and reduces seed drying times to seconds, not minutes.


The environment by reducing emissions, and your wallet by reduced energy costs.
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GHG reductions

Slow release layered actives could influence methane production for up to 12 hours, beneficial for carbon neutrality, gut health and higher yields.


Animal health and the environment – 15% of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions come from live stock.

Supporting UN Sustainability Goals

VensoFlow™ technology can help you support five key UN sustainability goals.
  • GOAL
  • #2
Zero hunger
Sustainable cropping systems can increase yields and support the regeneration of productive soil biomes.
  • GOAL
  • #6
Clean water
Precision-dosed time-release coatings avoid wastage, and reduce the need for fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides that can enter our waterways.
  • GOAL
  • #9

Innovation and infrastructure
Our compact, resilient, energy efficient seed treatment infrastructure can benefit farmers and agricultural businesses of all sizes.
  • GOAL
  • #13
Climate action
The mitigation of agricultural methane emissions, and increased carbon sequestering due to healthy soils and stronger plants, helps reduce greenhouse gases.
  • GOAL
  • #15
Life on land
By ensuring precise doses of additives, without denaturing, we support viable biological populations, improve soil biomes and help reverse degradation.

VensoFlow benefits for seed coating

The re-imagining of particle drying was the culmination of the life’s work of our Technical Founder, Emeritus Professor Owen Potter AM, a globally recognised fluidisation expert and renowned industrial problem solver. Today we can apply this technology to revolutionise seed coating.

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Gentle and high quality
Other technologies produce wastage from mechanical stress, hotspots and prolonged heat exposure. VensoFlow™ optimal seed separation, precise temperature and flow control maximise quality.
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Compact, efficient, multi-stage design that scales to your needs, processing multiple layers in seconds.
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Greater efficiency
Up to 90% heat transfer effectiveness with minimal pressure drop. Unlike fluidised beds and rotary drums which use energy lifting particles, VensoFlow™ is gravity fed.
The VensoFlow™ process for seeds

Allowing industry and farmers to meet EU regulations, improve soil health and crop quality. Temperature controlled, layer by layer, every seed evenly exposed to warm air, gravity fed, coated and dried in seconds.

VensoFlow™ advantages

  • All-in-one multi-layer coating & drying
  • Protects heat sensitive biologicals
  • Continuous flow flash drying protects seeds from prolonged temperature exposure
  • No heat stress & low mechanical stress
  • No phytotoxicity
  • No agglomeration of seeds, minimised wastage
  • Discrete layering supports soil priming and germination
  • Energy efficient by harnessing gravity
  • Compact, CAPEX & OPEX efficient
Venso Flow Seeds Technology Diagram

Problems of conventional seed coating systems

Rotary Drum Dryers

  • Prolonged drying time, uneven exposure
  • Mechanical & heat stress to seeds & coatings
  • Excess heat can denature biologicals
  • Excessive energy “lifting” seeds
  • Bruising reduces germination & vigour
  • Agglomeration of coated seeds
  • Excessive wastage as a result
Drum Dryer Technology Diagram

Fluidised Bed Dryers

  • Prolonged drying time, uneven exposure
  • Mechanical & heat stress to seeds & coatings
  • Excess heat can denature biologicals
  • Excessive energy “lifting” seeds
  • Bruising reduces germination & vigour
  • Agglomeration of coated seeds
  • Excessive wastage as a result
Fluidised Beds Technology Diagram

Rotostat Coaters

  • Like a mixing bowl, batch, not continuous flow
  • Slower and more labour intensive
  • Typically 1-2 layers maximum
  • Centrifugal force can damage seeds
  • Toxic chemicals can damage seeds
  • Agglomeration of coated seeds
  • Additional machinery for drying needed
Rotostat Drum Dryer Technology Diagram
for chemical companies

Do you sell innovative seed coatings?

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We are building our PBM catalogue, where chemical companies can upload polymers and plant beneficial materials for seed coating companies to run on machines powered by VensoFlow™. If you offer approved chemical and biological seed coatings get in touch.

for manufacturers

Do you design and sell innovative seed coating machines?

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We partner with leading seed coating manufacturers to license our technology and provide blueprints for your market segments. If your customers need controlled drying conditions to maximise yields and reduce wastage get in touch.

“Pesticide residues have even been detected in breast milk and there is increasing evidence pesticide residues are linked to serious diseases in adults & children including cancer.* ** Let's use VensoFlow to make the move to precisely dosed, layered seed coatings with natural plant stimulators and protectors such as enzymes, bacteria and fungi – to build a healthier soil and food chain for us all.”
Caecilia Potter, CEO Venso Labs
*Copyright © 2015 Buscail C, Chevalier C, Serrano T, Pelé F, Monfort C, Cordier S, et al. Prenatal pesticide exposure and otitis media during early childhood in the PELAGIE mother-child cohort. Occup Environ Med
** Copyright © 2022 Scott J.Swartz, Libby M.Morimoto, Todd P.Whitehead et al “Proximity to endocrine-disrupting pesticides and risk of testicular germ cell tumors (TGCT) among adolescents: A population-based case-control study in California

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